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AI For Humanity and For Good | Episode 16

February 26, 2019

AI For Humanity and For Good | Episode 16


Bringing spirituality and morality to technology.
 Rita Arrigo, Digital Advisor at Microsoft, shares how engaging with customers who look at the world in different ways has shaped her perspective on how AI can truly amplify human potential, and not replace it.

This Week We Explore:

  • How AI can be a force for good, assisting countries that face water issues, climate change, and wildlife conservation challenge
  • Leveraging AI for inclusivity, and helping people with disability find a more streamlined way to do work, enjoy life, and be a part of society
  • Engaging AI for humanitarian action, and serving people who are displaced by disasters or political issues
  • Exploring AI for healthcare/genomes, and tapping into computing power to understand our own human bodies and diseases
  • How we need to understand the ethics behind technology, and not just be passengers

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