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Curiosity: The Curiosity Challenge

This is available as a one-day workshop or a month-long challenge.

According to the Harvard Business Review, cultivating curiosity is a critical skill for the organisation of the future to thrive.

The research undertaken by Francesca Gino demonstrates that curiosity drives:

  • More effective decision making as we consider a greater diversity of solutions rather than just accept the one that is quickest to present.
  • Creative solutions to challenging problems, driving greater innovation and learning.
  • Greater connection amongst teams as they seek to understand and empathise with one another.

During the Curiosity Challenge we’ll bring focus to accessing and amplifying your team’s innate curiosity, one of the foundations of IAQ.

Learning Outcomes

  • Learn what curiosity is and why the curious will own the future.
  • Understand the importance of becoming a perpetual learner in order to thrive in the future of work and life.
  • Learn how to use curiosity in the everyday to achieve greater innovation, possibility, and happiness for yourself and your organisation
  • Develop your curious conversation muscle to build deeper connections, amplify your empathy and more effectively manage bias, assumptions and stressful situations.