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Focus: Busy = Bullsh*t Challenge

This is available as a one-day workshop or a month-long challenge.

Have you ever considered what busy means and how it’s impacting the ability of your people to thrive? Busy has become a default position in the business world, and it presents a huge barrier to possibility.

With the level of anxiety in the professional world at epidemic proportions, and the pace of change becoming faster and even more disorientating it’s time to bring intentional FOCUS back into the everyday. We have a responsibility to skill the future workforce in reducing the white noise of busy, and creating the space for more of what matters.

Learning Outcomes

  • Learn what Intentional Adaptability Quotient® is and why it is a critical skillset to enabling you to effectively navigate and thrive in the future
  • Understand what your busy really is and how it’s impacting your productivity
  • Reconnect with how you feel and why this is so important to driving the change you seek
  • Start the practice of reframing a busy mindset using the power of language
  • Learn how to create the space and habits that enable you to cultivate deeper human connections, more innovative solutions, and greater happiness
  • Learn a set of simple hacks to challenge the ‘busy’ in your everyday and create greater balance
  • Learn how to address the barriers that sit between being busy and being positively engaged