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March 23, 2020


A simple initiative to amplify human connection and mental wellbeing in a world of social distancing.

An opportunity to intentionally invest in ourselves and each other

We are tribal animals, and our ability to not only survive but to thrive has long depended on our social networks and what we invest in them. Positive social connection is scientifically proven to make us happier and healthier.  According to the work of world-renowned happiness researcher, Shawn Achor, positive social connections reduce anxiety, improve our ability to focus, and also bolster our immune and cardiovascular systems.

In a world where anxiety and loneliness were already on the rise, where human connection was becoming a luxury, and where social distancing is now the new norm, we have an opportunity. An opportunity to intentionally invest in ourselves and each other, to make human connection a practice and our mental wellbeing a priority.  With so much fear flooding our feeds our aim is to provide a template to cultivate connection, kindness and hope to shape a better tomorrow.

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