Slingshot: Using Words To Propel Us Forward

Does every day at the moment feel like a struggle? Do you wake with the intention to make the most of your time, then beat yourself up at the end of the day when your to-do list still appears full? Pre COVID-19 you prided yourself on your productivity and how organised you were, and now it feels like you can’t do anything right and it’s seriously impacting your MOJO.

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Fear(less) Mini Masterclass

The objective of the Fear(less) Mini Masterclass is not to teach you how to get rid of fear - that’s neither possible nor ultimately desirable.  Our aim is to put fear on the table, normalise it through honest conversation, and use it as a lever for enabling courageous action on what matters.

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A simple initiative to amplify human connection and mental wellbeing in a world of social distancing.

An opportunity to intentionally invest in ourselves and each other, to make human connection a practice and our mental wellbeing a priority. 

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