Fear(less) Mini Masterclass

March 24, 2020

Fear(less) Mini Masterclass

From scared to courageous

You may find that people are proposing that you look at the current state of unprecedented disruption as an opportunity.  Sounds like a great idea, but the reality is that for so many the fear is paralysing.  The objective of the Fear(less) Mini Masterclass is not to teach you how to get rid of fear - that’s neither possible nor ultimately desirable.  Our aim is to put fear on the table, normalise it through honest conversation, and use it as a lever for enabling courageous action on what matters.

If this lesson results in one less sleepless night or one less person spending hours surfing COVID-19 on media websites, then we will consider it a success.

These sessions will encourage you to shine a spotlight on your fear so that you can connect to what really matters to you as a human being and focus your energy intentionally around exactly that.

Please note: This is not a webinar it is an online classroom designed for experiential learning and impact.


Lesson Outcomes

  • Build resilience through the practice of getting comfortable with discomfort
  • Experience the creation of a fear museum to celebrate and normalise the power of fear, in creating meaningful and impactful connection and change
  • Learn some simple hacks to positively shift your mindset when fear presents

The Investment

Due to the significant impact COVID-19 has had on the lives of so many, our aim is to give back by making our programs accessible and affordable to anyone who needs them. We ask that you pay what you can afford by selecting the ticket price that works best with your current financial situation. If you are fortunate enough to have your organisation supporting this opportunity we kindly ask that you pay the $69 ticket price.


Learning Lockdown

Our number one priority is that our participants get the most out of their online learning experience. To that end, we lock all online classrooms at exactly 5 minutes after the scheduled start time to avoid disruptions. By purchasing this ticket you agree to arrive on time. We are unable to refund tickets if you are locked out of a program due to late arrival.

Tuesday, 31st March, 9am to 10am AEST  ALLOCATION EXHAUSTED

Thursday, 2nd April, 4pm to 5pm AEST  ALLOCATION EXHAUSTED

Friday, 3rd April, 11am to 12pm AEST  ALLOCATION EXHAUSTED