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Future Proof Episode #26 Hiam Sakakini

July 10, 2018

Future Proof Episode #26 Hiam Sakakini

This week Penny spent time with Hiam Sakakini, co-founder of ThinkChangeGrow, who is a passionate advocate of inclusion in the workplace. She has previously spoken about the intersection of disability & technology.

What about the future, most concerns Hiam? Having a child with a disability, her biggest fears were whether her daughter would feel included, or ever reach her potential. One in five human beings in Australia has a disability - how many are excluded by the simple fact that workplaces don't have an environment that is free of barriers? Technology can have tremendous power as an equaliser and ensuring inclusion in the workplace.

How have organisations ensured inclusion in the workplace, and that all people have the ability to perform and advance in their careers? We would love to hear examples. Pop your comments on Penny’s YouTube Channel.

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