Amanda's Freedom Journey

October 23, 2023

Amanda's Freedom Journey

How Amanda went from feeling pressured and overwhelmed at work, to creating space for ‘5-minute holidays’ every day.

Before joining the The Collective, Amanda felt unsure of what she was working towards and unclear on how to drive the future she wanted for herself. She was under pressure with lots of big projects and was always rushing to do the urgent and never getting to th always rus. Feeling overwhelmed with the busyness, without any structures in place to manage her time and boundaries it was the ‘calm’ in The Collective that drew Amanda to the program, as she realised that’s what is missing in my life.

Amanda had been following Penny for a while and the conversation around resilience and adaptability really struck a chord. The program came at the right time in Amanda’s life she knew it was time to take the leap and make a change.

For Amanda, it was the simple tools that were shared during the program that made the biggest difference. Being conscious of the repeatable daily actions and the importance of practice, Amanda learnt how to perform acts of micro bravery and find time-freedom practices - allowing her to inject more courageous acts and calmness into her every day.

This journey has allowed Amanda to take back control of her time. She is controlling her stress and busyness so it doesn’t become overwhelming, understanding that it’s OK to be where you’re at and awareness is progress. I truly feel more like I've got this and am able to say I didn't get it all done and that's OK without the constant pressure I used to feel.

When I did the exercise on flourishing, I started realising that I didn't need to start my day with work. I could start with what made me feel good and now I have what I call 5-minute holidays in my day - I may sit in the sun or create a little indulgent moment to give myself a sense of control.

Amanda has gotten a sense of focus, intention and alignment.