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Habits, Humanity and Taking Action | Episode 17

March 04, 2019

Habits, Humanity and Taking Action | Episode 17


Bringing consciousness into navigating the digital world. In this episode of the Human First Podcast, I share coffee and conversation with the always thought-provoking, Holly Ransom. CEO at Emergent, professional moderator, and a brilliant mind, Holly is forensically curious about the world around her.

This Week We Explore:

  • What it really means to be human, beyond our connectedness with each other and the environment
  • The internal tug-of-war between our digital self Vs the real self, and its effect on the younger generation
  • The hunt for authenticity and why companies need to care
  • Why this is a fascinating time to reimagine the way we do things
  • What Intentional Adaptability looks like for her

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