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COVID-19 restrictions and wellbeing in Australian women | Episode 44

October 04, 2021

COVID-19 restrictions and wellbeing in Australian women | Episode 44




Women struggle to keep up. Over the past 18 months, I have watched a shift, a visible shift in mental health, in wellbeing, and a particular shift in women. I’ve felt the shift in myself.

I couldn't ignore what I was seeing. It's the reason I have gone back to university to study psychology and why I chose to do my first assignment on how social isolation, the increased workload in the home, and escalating uncertainty driven by COVID-19 restrictions are accelerating the level of mental health and wellbeing issues in Australian women.

In this episode of the Hacking Happy podcast, I want to share with you that piece of work. The insights are profound and it paints a disturbing picture of the psychological distress the number one caregivers in our society, both up and down the generational chain are under.

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