Dispelling the myths of balance - Part 1 | Episode 103

September 18, 2023

Dispelling the myths  of balance - Part 1 | Episode 103

I spent many years of my life (up until I became an entrepreneur) chasing balance and a few years back discovered,that the harder I chased balance the more elusive it became.

This process has been further validated by the over 150 exhausted professional women I have interviewed (for my research) who have shared that flourishing in life for them is having balance. However, most of them cannot recall a time in their life where they felt balanced and if they did they couldn’t sustain it.

This is why I’m investing the new four weeks of my time dispelling the myths of balance to help you shift the lens through which you look at balance and redefine it in a way that unlocks more harmony in your days.

This first podcast focuses ondispelling the Top 5 myths of balance as an invitation to reconsider your relationship with balance and how it impacts how you show up in life.

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