The secrets of a Mumpreneur with Carrie Kwan | Episode 102

September 14, 2023

The secrets of a Mumpreneur with Carrie Kwan | Episode 102

Do you have Mumbition?What is it you ask?

It's the intersection of wanting to be the mum you long to be whilst realising the dreams that you have in order to be the role model you want to be for your kids.

For many mums, Mumbition manifests in starting their own purpose-led business and inviting in the flexibility and the freedom that it allows to show up as the mum you want to be.

In this episode of the Hacking Happy Podcast, we chat with serial entrepreneur and the Co-Founder of Mums & Co Carrie Kwan. Together we explore why mums start businesses, the most common challenges they face and some simple ways to overcome them in order to realise your mumbition.

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