I almost quit | Episode 70

September 05, 2022

I almost quit | Episode 70

I’ve just had the biggest month I’ve ever had in my business by more than double. I smashed my monthly target that I set as a goal at the start of the year completely out of the park.

I never considered that I, with just an assistant who works a day a week for me and a social media support person, could achieve such a result and yet here we are. It feels overwhelmingly abundant but it also feels like a moment of truth.

This podcast is about stripping back the layers in a world masked by wins and successes and instead sharing the truth of living a wholehearted life.

That truth is that a year ago I almost gave up and walked away from the dream I’d created. I'm sharing the what, why and how of how it unfolded and it may be just what you need to hear if you find yourself in the struggle of change and ready to give up or perhaps not even start!

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