High-Functioning Burnt-Out Woman Syndrome | Episode 107

October 17, 2023

High-Functioning Burnt-Out Woman Syndrome | Episode 107

The myth of normal is that we assume the conditions of society are healthy simply because we are used to them. - Dr Gabor Mate

This is a quote that opens a can of worms when we dig deeper into what is going on with successful professional women at the moment, particularly the ones who are mothers.

In this week's podcast, I want to explore the pervasive phenomenon that I call high-functioning burnt-out woman syndrome

I want to shine a spotlight on what she looks from the outside looking in versus what’s really going on for her inside each and every day. I want to expose why it’s a problem not only for her but for us as a society, and I want to explore what we can do to intervene in a way that empowers her to make the shift that she longs for when she feels she doesn’t have the energy to do so.

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