The power of intuition in aging well | Episode 108

October 23, 2023

The power of intuition in aging well | Episode 108

Learning to trust your intuition.

If you're body is whispering to you, can you hear it? The busy pace of life has left many of us so in our heads checking off a never-ending to-do list that when our body calls to us for help we can't hear it.

Perhaps this is why so many women from 40+ feel like they're going crazy before uncovering that they are, in fact, Peri Menopausal.

We've become experts in ignoring our body's warning signals. It's for this exact reason that in this episode of the Hacking Happy Podcast we speak to Natalie and Lisa from Own Your Health Collective.

Together we explore the myths of menopause, why your intuition is so critical to aging well and how to not feel so alone in your journey.

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