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Neuroscience, sleep and why transformation takes time | Episode 73

October 17, 2022

Neuroscience, sleep and why transformation takes time | Episode 73

My brain is bending in ways I never imagined. 


I’m currently buried in Neuroscience. 


It’s blowing my mind around what I’m learning about the biology of the brain and how it is impacted by our behaviour and our environment.  


Connecting dots as I do I partner this feeling with something else that I keep hearing from my early-stage coaching clients.  
It’s but a simple question.  Why aren't things happening fast enough?


I get it when I first started this journey, I’d try something new, put something new out into the world and 4 weeks later I’d be asking why didn’t work and switching to well what do I do next?  


I look back now and I realise my expectations were completely unrealistic.  In this week's podcast we explore what neuroscience, sleep and transformation all have in common and the basis this provides for us to challenge our thinking and doing in a way that is meaningful.


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