Small Steps To Self-Disrupt for Energy, Presence & Calm | Episode 74

November 01, 2022

Small Steps To Self-Disrupt for Energy, Presence & Calm | Episode 74

I felt compelled to create this podcast because my research with over one hundred beautiful working women this year has exposed a consistent theme when it comes to feeling like you’re existing rather than living.


This podcast episode is for anyone who feels like their letting everyone down and like nobodies getting the best of them.

If that sounds like you let’s go deeper.

It’s likely you long for a greater sense of ease, calm and groundedness in the average day but at the moment you feel relentless exhaustion, like you’re operating in robot mode, unable to unplug the status quo and disrupt a lifestyle that not only isn’t serving you it’s making you feel toxic inside and out.


If you’re listening to this and saying OMG I feel like she’s in my head then let’s have a conversation about what’s going on inside your head and how you can create a circuit breaker to disrupt the status quo and kick start resetting your foundations towards a little more energy, presence and calm in each day.


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