The Angry Woman (A taboo topic) - Part Two | Episode 95

July 24, 2023

The Angry Woman (A taboo topic) - Part Two | Episode 95

Understanding your anger

Welcome to part two of the taboo topic of "The Angry Woman." In this episode, we'll delve into what the science has to say about angry women. Where does anger show up for most of us, what drives it and what are some helpful ways to process it.

Join me on a journey of self-discovery when it comes to my own anger. My intention is to normalise the feeling of anger, diminish the shame associated with it and give women like you permission to understand and process the emotion constructively and from a place of love.

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  • If you're ready to invest in reigniting your spark with a supportive tribe of soul-led women who get you because they're on the same journey check out The Calm Collective group coaching program HERE
  • If you need to create the space to self-disrupt and inject more of what gives you meaning into your life join me on my upcoming reTREAT HERE

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