July 21, 2022 2 min read

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Has productivity become your prison?
The prison of productivity means calm feels elusive, and presence with loved ones feels like a struggle.
We’ve literally wired our neural pathways to believe that being still and present is unproductive because all actions should result in a task ticked off a to-do list. Being a human being is no longer valued, and yet it’s where time freedom lives.
That’s why in this week's podcast, I want us to have a conversation about Time Freedom, what is it, why it matters and where you can start to create more of it!
This podcast is for you if your inner conversation that’s on repeat goes along the lines of;
• Please, let's not do that again.
• This is ridiculous this is not a good way of working; why am I doing this?
• What you want is not real life.
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