Why You'll Never Be Ready - Part Two with Sheree Rubinstein | Episode 16

February 27, 2021

Why You'll Never Be Ready - Part Two with Sheree Rubinstein | Episode 16



... and why it doesn't matter... In part two of our series, Why You'll Never Be Ready... and why that's the reason you should jump into the change you long for NOW, I've invited my good friend Sheree Rubinstein in to share her story.

Sheree is a former corporate lawyer turned entrepreneur. She is the Founder of One Roof, which pre-covid, was Australia's leading co-working space dedicated to women.
If you’ve longed to make a change in your life and you haven’t taken action because you’re ‘not ready’ then this podcast series is for you.

In this episode Sheree and I explore:
  • how you can change your perception around not being ready, and use it as a lever for the change you long for
  • how anxiety and excitement are extremely similar emotions and how this knowledge can help you leverage the fear you feel for action now
  • why often, on our death beds, we don't regret taking action, we regret not acting on the life we longed for
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